I've been interested in photography since January 12th, 1986. I know that, because that's when I took my first pictures, in the hospital when my twin boys were born. Over time my style and quality morphed into pictures that people wanted me to take for them. I attended functions, family and otherwise, where people would request copies of my pictures. I had an eye for the shutter. I really began my career in photography with a job a friend gave me taking her wedding pictures. I was so nervous. She had told me many times prior what a good job I did at photography, then she was hiring me to take the pictures of the biggest day of her life. OMG! Well, I was awesome, the pictures were beautiful, and the Bride and Groom were extremely happy. Today because of that job, I'm forever in her debt because that's when Wolf Prints Inc. was born. I love doing weddings now.

I'm not real conservative, and like to go for the extreme and different whenever I can.

I have talent for posing and sometimes a very unique way of looking at people through the lens.
Let me give you a try....