There is a treasure trove of gifts available using your picture(s); I have access to them all.

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll find it, print it, and ship it to you.
Some ideas: T-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains, tote bags, stickers, puzzles, cards and luggage tags...

Wallets: $15.00 per sheet of 4
4x6: $15.00
5x7: $15.00 (2)
8x10: $15.00
11x14: $40.00
16X20: $60.00 (matte only)
20x30: $90.00 (matte only)
DVD: $500.00

Proof a/Proprietary release
(to make your own prints):
$10.00 flat fee per picture snapped

Glossy or Matte finish is by
personal choice, and is the
same price for both styles.

If I was asked, my choice is Matte

Package Pricing is available when purchasing through our on line system to order prints.
Weddings and Sittings, in almost any location, are done by quote only; a minimal fee is charged for the sitting and/or time. My goal is to sell you an excellent product, not minutes on a clock. Don't forget, our website special. Let me know you saw it here and your sitting fee will be waived!